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Paid service

Have you got so many applicants that you have to rake through them? Raking is hardly a suitable activity for a busy recruiter, though. With our questionnaires, you can dispose of the rake with a clear conscience and let us do the job for you. You can choose from two options:


  • Set up your questionnaires using your own questions. If you’re at your wits´ end, there are a few we have prepared for you in advance.
  • You can have as many questionnaires as you possibly need. And you can easily assign each of them to different positions.
  • You’ll then see the replies consolidated in Teamio and you can start sorting them at will.

The price is EUR 360 a year or EUR 30 a month.

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Questionnaires with pre-selection

  • They handle all the same tasks as the traditional questionnaires. In addition, though, they will automatically filter out those applicants who don’t meet your pre-set criteria.
  • You can rank the applicants using a point-based review of their answers to the questions asked in the questionnaire. The system can reject the unsuitable ones, and so you’ll be left with more time for the applicants fit for the job.

The price is EUR 1160 a year or EUR 96.68 a month.

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