Teamio can help fill the gaps

Cast your net wide

You’re right at the source with Teamio. And not just one. You can hunt for new colleagues on both Czech and foreign job servers (amongst others), social networks, websites, or even in our database containing tens of thousands of profiles.

Sort, rate, save for the future

Systematic organizers will rejoice. You can sort applicants based on your own criteria, rate them using a star system, and save promising profiles for later. Next time you’re on a hiring spree, you can always return to prior applicants.

Engage your colleagues or your manager

Two heads (or more) are better than one. Your colleagues, the hiring manager or recruitment agencies can all join in the selection process. It takes only one click to involve a manager. In an instant you’ll be able to see who they want (or not) to be called to interview. Both you and your manager will be kept updated at all times thanks to automatic notifications and shared notes.

You can easily handle even large tasks

It doesn’t matter that you’re planning on having four rounds of interviews and two assessment centres at once. You’re always clear about which round each applicant is currently in, and when their interview is due to take place. You can also recognise who has already passed interviews and if they’re waiting for feedback. Tidy desk, tidy mind.

Keep track of your operations

Unless we have proper data available, we are merely people with varying opinions. A wide range of data and statistics become available to you through Teamio. You can see how much the recruitment process has cost you, which sources have generated the highest applicant numbers, or what your particular users have been spending most money on. The expenses are, therefore, under your control at all times, and you can easily evaluate what works best for you.