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Tereza Rašťáková

Compatibility and user-friendliness

Tereza Rašťáková – HR Strategy Manager, Kofola

“We had been looking forward to working with the Teamio app, in particular to its compatibility with the Kofola intranet and its user-friendliness. What we do truly appreciate now is the exemplary customer approach and the incessant drive to improve, to streamline, to add new system features, and so to make our recruitment processes far more pleasant.”

Lucie Fraňková

Teamio is a remarkably smart and intuitive tool

Lucie Fraňková – HR Manager, Stock Plzeň

“Having given it some serious consideration, we finally made our move towards the Teamio Smart edition earlier in 2016. We now think it’s a shame we didn’t do that any earlier. Teamio is a smart and intuitive tool that offers many useful gizmos (notes, ratings, statistics). We no longer have to update spreadsheets or forward the candidates’ CVs to managers via e-mail. On top of that, both the installation and the shift to Teamio were remarkably smooth.”

Personalized communication

Bulk messages don’t have to be impersonal, do they?

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Career websites

Advertisements designed in corporate colours, easily discernible at a glance.

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Messages with your company’s design

Every message sent to your candidates will bear your brand features.

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They can filter unsuitable applicants for you.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the 30-day free trial option work?

You will obtain the Teamio PRO edition for 30 days free of charge. Our colleague will be in touch with you in the course of the trial period to advise on any potential queries you may have. Once the period has lapsed, you will be able to make your own decision as to whether to go on with a paid edition. Nothing needs to be decided ahead.

Is advertising option included in the trial edition?

You can easily post ads from Teamio, but the costs of advertising and additional services are to be paid to the individual services and portals. This is easy, though, you will be able to buy them and pay by card directly through Teamio. What you do get for free is the career section, so you will naturally have your own positions posted on your website.

Am I going to lose my applicants and work in progress after the 30-day trial?

No, you are not. All applicants and positions will be retained by you. By opting for the free edition you will only be deprived of access to the applicant database.

Do you have any other questions?

We would be happy to hear from you in writing.

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