What it can do

Client export of vacancies

Paid service

You can also post your vacancies to third-party websites and see all responses you receive in Teamio, keeping your recruitment management in one place.

Broaden your reach

This service will be useful for companies who need to post their vacancies outside the basic partnership websites offered in Teamio.

Quick and easy setup in Teamio

On Teamio’s side, setting up export is very quick and can be done in a matter of just a few days. But, you need to remember that implementation into third-party servers is not something we can control.

Guaranteed compatibility

With this service, all vacancies will be displayed directly in Teamio in the form of vacancy concepts waiting to be published. You can start working with them right away – edit them, choose how do you want to highlight them, and then post them on Czech and international portals.

Manage all your ads in one place

You can create your ads in Teamio just like you normally would – then, you just need to choose the external portals you want to cover before you publish the ad. But that's not the only benefit of integrated ad management. You can also edit or remove your ads anytime – any changes you make will automatically appear on all portals where the ad was posted. All export happens in real time.

Step-by-step break-down

  1. Contact your LMC agent to let them know you are interested in the service. If you are not sure who is your LMC agent, simply contact our helpdesk to find out.

  2. Determine who is the administrator of your external system.

  3. Contact the external system administrator to make sure your external system is able to work with HTTPS protocol.

  4. The system administrator should confirm that your system is able to process the HR-XML standard – see the following syntax:

    • https://g2.lmc.cz/export/custompath?type=type&login=login&password=password
  5. Your LMC agent will then make sure the service is put into operation on Teamio's side.

  6. Then, the LMC agent will either contact your system administrator directly, or provide him with the necessary technical details through you.

  7. After these are implemented into the external system, Client export of vacancies out of Teamio will become completely operational.

  8. Together, we will make sure everything is working as it should and complete the handover of the service.

All technical details in one place

All details describing how to put the Client export of vacancies out of Teamio in operation can be found here: http://integrations.teamio.com/export-vacancies/

The LMC standard

We guarantee the same standard of services to all clients. The services provided are the same for everyone and cannot be personalized. The standard concerns the following aspects:

  • Teamio is a central recruitment management tool that allows you to work with multiple job portals at the same time. Because of that, it is impossible to post the vacancies directly to individual portals, without using Teamio.
  • Our services come with one XML standard that is fully compatible with a vast majority of external client systems (like SAP, for instance). We provide full support and active maintenance of this standard.

Connecting your system to our system usually takes around two weeks.