What it can do

Cooperation with employment agencies and headhunters

Some narrowly specialized positions can take months or even a year to fill. In such cases, “a good word” is often put in for the suitable candidate by an employment agency or a headhunter. These players can now be easily engaged in the recruitment process directly through Teamio – an enhanced module designed to facilitate headhunter and agency involvement is our latest improvement. It speeds up not only the communication between you, the managers and the agencies, but also the recruitment process as such.

In the Smart edition, it is now possible to approach employment agencies directly, with automated recognition of each source, agency or headhunter.

Simple to operate:

  • You just post the job offer in Teamio and send it to the agency via e-mail.
  • The agency representative then views the message, clicks on the link, makes a record of the applicant and sends it back.
  • And the rest is your trusty Teamio at its best. Only you now have an additional source and activity.