Teamio UI

This is a living guideline of Teamio UI, a responsive UI library for LMC’s Teamio products. You can see demo page here.

Supported Browsers

Firefox Chrome Safari Android

Public Page Templates

For public pages (pages outside Teamio application – login, error pages, JOF, ...) use following templates.

E-mail Template

If you need to send an email, use one of these templates:



  • Brand new design
  • Added:
    • Components: Card Note
    • Utility classes: shadow-sm/lg, scrollbar-x/y
  • Fixed:
    • "icon" name was used for both mixin and class, resulting in incorrect CSS


  • Added:
    • Ghost button modifier
    • Board card with dropdown actions


  • Fixed: widget title text alignment
  • Added:
    • Components: Board, Board card, Custom scrollbar styles, Button group with separate buttons
    • Icons: globe



  • Fixed: compatibility with LESS v4
  • Added:
    • Components: "btn--link" modifier to style button like a link, "later" modifier for LM opinion, Aside, Notifiaction, Apexcharts (pie, line), Daterangepicker, DataTables styles
    • Utility classes: user-select-none, cursor-pointer
    • Icons: card, 14-days, copy, candidate-help, stop-reason-bold, badge-first, graduate, thumbs, coffee-cup-hot, flags, volume-medium, id-card
  • Removed: Shadow of Frame component
  • Refactored: donut charts (added data-warning and data-danger attributes), checkboxes/radio buttons (removed SVG images for each state)


  • Added:
    • Components: Remote interview (page layout), Dismissible message, Job board logo
    • Utility classes: sticky-top, sticky-bottom, user-select-none, cursor-pointer
    • Icons: facebook-outline, linkedin-outline, document-pen, meeting-camera
  • Fixed: Multiple Select2 placeholder width (text was cropped)
  • Deprecated:
    • Components: Logo block


  • Added:
    • Components: Boxes, Steps, Page loader, Offer, File-upload, Job board row, Phone frame, Slider (noUiSlider)
    • Color dots for timeline events
    • Info modifier for message component
    • Flags: EST, LV, LT
    • Icons: linkedin, documents, share, recycle, notification, language, jobote, credit, echo, preselection, key, connection, label, building, 15-mins, 3-hours, 1-day, 2-days, 30-days, corporation, pin, pin-plus, rescue, label-free, boss, bubble-help, facebook, lock, gift, document, document-star, building-star, candidates-credit, box-open, box-closed, briefcase-clock, double-tick, candidate-signal, chat, question, flash, flash-bold, document-save, sections, pages, folder, stop, export-people, import, stop-reason, company-profile, header, image-upload, footer, agency, signature, questionnare, off, online-help, intranet, custom-categories, specialization, support-chat, support-chat-bold, folder-search, user-king, document-list
  • Replaced: icon in error banner
  • Deprecated:
    • Colors: @brown, @beige, @beige-dark, @beige-darker, @red-lighter
    • Components: Filters, Slider (from jQuery UI), Login, Pit
  • Removed: Side modal, Section modifiers (.section--shadowed, .section--colored), support for old IE (less than IE11)


  • New components: Lists, Highlight, State, Block link, Inbox, Frame, File, Nav prev/next, Tabs, Tooltips, Gauge, Switch
  • Removed button with link color
  • Updated Icon Set, added SVG icons for download
  • Minor fixes


  • Rebranding: new logo, font, brand colors, e-mail templates
  • New components: Messages, Logo Block, Tile, Timeline, Progress Bar, Tick, Pills
  • Deprecated components: Nav Tabs, Panels, Items, Product
  • Minor fixes


  • Added CSS/JS Doughnut Charts
  • Added Table-summary
  • Added Flags
  • Added Color Flags
  • Redesigned Dropdown
  • Fixed User Menu bug in iOS
  • Fixed Modals
  • Fixed Line Manager Opinion in Name Panel
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Name Panel
  • Added Richtext Container
  • Redesigned footer
  • Select2 upgraded to version 4.0.0
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Breadcrumbs
  • Added Icon Group
  • Added Dropdowns
  • Added Labels
  • Added Candidate Photo
  • Added Candidate Preview
  • Added Collapse
  • Added Rating
  • Added Flags
  • Extended Icon Set
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Widget
  • Added Candidate Group
  • Added Blog Preview
  • Added Data Rows
  • Added Banner
  • Added plain e-mail template (without header and footer)
  • Added Public page template
  • Added Login form
  • Added Popovers
  • Added Form validation
  • Added Line Manager Opinion
  • Added User Menu
  • Added Badges
  • Added Candidate Status
  • Added Candidate Count
  • Added Content Tabs
  • Added Note
  • Rewritten Listing
  • Redesigned header
  • Refactored Candidate Status (renamed to Recruitment Phase)
  • Refactored Grid (mobile-first approach)
  • Changed Teamio font – Open Sans
  • Changed page design (small logo, compact header, redesigned navbar and nav tabs)
  • Extended Icon Set
  • Minor fixes


  • Update Teamio UI build workflow


  • Icon set
  • Favicons
  • Modals
  • Products
  • List of items
  • Close
  • Alerts
  • Profile preview
  • Listing
  • Pagination
  • Secondary action
  • Checkboxes, radio buttons by SVG
  • New own simple grid system
  • Touch support for sliders
  • Updated tabs
  • Updated typography
  • Refactored panels
  • Refactored logo
  • Fixed sticky footer and use as mixin
  • Renamed buttons classes
  • Improved accessibility


  • KSS documentation
  • Demo page
  • Colour palette
  • Grid system
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Typography
  • Basic forms
  • Buttons
  • Main navigation
  • Tabs
  • Filters
  • Caret
  • Slider
  • Doughnut charts
  • Panels
  • Pit