Personal Data File Description for Teamio Recruit application

The employer (or job agent) of the position to which you are replying for is the controller of the personal data. For details about controllers, including contact details and a link to any of the specific information concerning the processing of personal data (privacy policy), please see announcement of the position to which you are replying to.

Alma Career Oy and LMC, s.r.o. are the processors of personal data. In case of questions concerning the processing by any of the processors, please send an e-mail to

The purpose of the handling of the personal data is to process candidate data to be used for the recruitment process of the employer, or to mediate employment through a job agent. In addition, with the consent of the candidate, personal data can be used for another future recruitment.

Personal data processed in all of the cases are identification and contact information (name, surname, email address). This information is mandatory for all job applicants.

Also a CV or other user-provided documents include personal data. The scope of the data in the CV results from the practice in preparing the candidates’ work and professional CVs. They usually contain (although they are not strictly required) the date and place of birth, a photo, citizenship (nationality), gender, marital status, permanent residence, telephone number, earned degrees, education, previous work experience, knowledge and skills, current status in the labour market, qualifications for the searched job and other information provided by the candidate. Some data might be sensitive, depending on its content. In particular, this applies to the information on limited medical ability to work, if provided.

The processed data may also include more detailed information recorded by the controller (by HR officer and other authorized persons), e.g. from interviews and correspondence. The system also saves the history how and when personal data has been processed.

Personal information is not intended for publication. When processing, it will not be stored outside the European Union. Alma Career Oy and LMC s.r.o do not share personal data to anyone else than the controller and do not use personal data for their own purposes.

When authorised persons process personal data, its protection is ensured by recognized measures in the field of information technology, at the server operation level, database design, and access rights and applications. Further measures include physical security, such as locks and electronic security, directives and contracts binding upon employees and other persons to comply with the terms and purpose of the processing, protection of confidentiality, and integrity of data. There is ongoing verification of organizational measures and technical security by an independent consultant. Principles of information security management in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 are applied.

Information in this text relates to the processes covered by informational system that is provided by the processor. For processing, the controller can use other elements of its own information system. If there is a problem with obtaining information concerning the processing of personal data from the controller, you can contact the processor’s support, as shown above.

The applicant has the right to access his/her personal data stored by the controller. In order to check what personal data is stored, the person should contact the contact person of the controller. The contact person should also be contacted in case any of the personal data is to be corrected.

Other processors

Alma Career Oy and LMC, s.r.o. are authorised to process personal data both manually and automatically and to use designated processors of personal data for this purpose. Personal data are only accessible (or will only be made accessible) to authorised representatives of Alma Career Oy and LMC, s.r.o. or of the processor, and only in the scope necessary for processing.

Most processors only have limited access to the personal data of applicants. Processors do sometimes receive personal data, but only in minimal amounts. No other processor is authorised to use the provided personal data for their own purposes (neither marketing or otherwise). Our services are continuously developing which is why we maintain an up-to-date list of other processors.

Some other processors are located outside of the EU, for instance in the United States of America. For the transfer of personal data to other countries outside of the EU, we uphold the principle that the free transfer of personal data within the EU is neither limited nor forbidden. We have concluded contracts with all suppliers, and these suppliers are obliged to regularly delete transferred personal data and to refrain from using such data for their own purposes. Aside from these cases, personal data are not transferred from Alma Career Oy and LMC, s.r.o. to countries outside of the EU.